WIPR Car Wiper Repair Tool

$19.99 $39.90

Never be annoyed by window stains again

Fed up with those annoying window stains? Keep your car windows stain-free by using Wipr™! It's is a car wiper repair to that cleans and lubricates the wipers. The best part? It can also be used on household wipers too.

Vehicle Wiper Repair Tool

Safer and Clean View

Do you want a clear and safe view while driving on the road? Well, this product is for you! Wipr™ Car Wiper Repair To sharpens your wipers so you can see more clearly while driving.

Reasons to love it!

  • Wipr™ Car Wiper Repair is the solution to your problem!

  • Safely see the road with clearer wipers.

  • Save 5 pairs of wipers per year by using this product.

The smart way to fix your wipers

  • Wipe away water, dirt, and debris to keep your vision clear while driving in any kind of weather.

  • Universal wiper cutter that can be used with most good quality wiper blades

  • Durable wiper blades that stay sharp for months to come. Enjoy perfect visibility in all weather conditions.

How does it work?

Package Included

  • (1) x Windscreen Wiper Blade Cutter
  • (1) x Cleaning Sponge


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