SANKYO™ 156 Notes Handmade Wooden Ocean Waves Music Box - Vintage Japanese Handcrafted Gift Box

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A small music machine that will last a lifetime!

Do you want to get someone a special gift that is both meaningful and useful? Introducing Sankyo™ - the perfect little Music Box. Sankyo™ is an exquisite little toy, assembled by dozens of handmade accessories. The metal accessories are mostly pure copper parts. It is matched with the Japanese Sanyko hand-cranked movement, which makes superb sounds with pure parts.

Roll on waves

The entire product line of Sankyo is hand-made with exquisite craftsmanship and adorable design. You will surely love Sankyo™ which is also a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Have you ever seen a music box as beautiful as this?

Handcrafted and elegant, Sankyo™ is the perfect complement to your home. Handmade and made to order, we use time-tested techniques to create a truly unique product. The wood we use is sourced from sustainable sources and we seal our products with a natural wax that preserves the natural beauty of the wood.

Island Sea

  • Main Material: Beech
  • Music: Flying Over The Rainbow

Cast Away

  • Main Material: Beech & Black walnut
  • Music: Spirited Away

Deep Ocean

  • Main Material: Black Walnut
  • Music: Harry.P

Part of a happy family

Sankyo™ is a DIY Music Box that's easy to assemble and fun to play!

Whether you're looking for a fun and interactive toy for your child, or you're trying to find a DIY kit that is easy for your child to assemble, we have the perfect music box for you!

If it's for children, they can also play with their parents.

A DIY kit for the DIY Lovers

Do you love tech? Do you love furniture? If so, then this is the kit for you! This kit is easy to put together. The entire assembly process takes about 30 minutes. Choose the assembly version and start building now!

If you choose the assembly version, you have to believe that you can do it yourself!

Handmade beauty

Sankyo™ is a handmade music box made with delicate materials. This Ocean Waves Music Box is made with the finest craftsmanship and will stand up to years of play.


  • Tone Number: 156 Tones

  • Play Power: Hand Cranked

  • Music Boxes Shape: Piano

  • Movement: Japanese Sankyo Movement

  • Materials: Black Walnut, Beech, Brass

  • Size: 18*10*9 cm | 7*3.94*3.55 inches

  • Weight: 500g

  • Painting: wood varnish, wood wax


This product is made of solid wood. Please avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, keep away from heat sources (such as heating, air conditioning, etc.), and avoid prolonged soaking. Avoid using chemical solvents such as alcohol and gasoline to wipe products.

NB** Due to the natural characteristics of wood, there are unavoidable wood color differences, white edges, tree knots, small cracks, shade, mineral streaks, slight tree holes, and slight deformation or processing marks, which are not quality problems.

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