DUFI Gas & LED Electric Windproof Turbo Lighter

$39.99 $79.99

The lighter for those who are always on the go

Looking for the lighter that will never let you down? The DUFI dual reign pipe lighter is the product for you! Never get stuck with a headache, stomach pains, or dry mouth. DUFI is durable and shockproof. It's easy to refill at any gas station, convenience store, or kiosk.

  • Refillable (Butane Gas)
  • Rechargeable (USB)
  • Dual Use

The lighter for all of your needs

DUFI Gas & LED Lighter is the world's most versatile lighter. It can be used for lighting cigarettes, inflatables, BBQs, and more. This durable lighter with an addictive design will help you get anything you need lit quickly and easy.

Professional when you're on the go

Got a busy schedule? Hate dealing with gas stand times after filling up? Turns out, DUFI has your back. Our lighters are the only ones in the world that use both gas and electricity and they are strong enough to be used in any situation. Plus, they can be used at elevations up to 4,280 feet.

The World's Most Advanced Lighter

DUFI is the world's most advanced lighter. It features an all-metal body, a gas-less design, and is made out of the strongest alloy in the world. DUFI also features an LED light that will last for more than 100,000 hours. You'll never need to buy another lighter again!

The New Way to Light Your Fire

With DUFI, you can enjoy the convenience of a lighter that works with gas and has an LED light. DUFI is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to light any fire.

Upgrade Your Everyday

Upgrade your everyday with DUFI. Not only does it come with an updated lithium battery, but also one where you can choose between gas and LED light. This slick new DUFI invention features amazing battery life - yours to handle with care. A lighter that fits into any pocket, ready for your every need.


  • Net Weight: 85 g |  0.19 lbs
  • Size: 72*36.5*14.5 mm |  2.83*1.34*.57 inch
  • Process: PVD Ice Plating + Baking Varnish
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Fill Gas: Butane

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