BOSSTR High Pressure Massaging Shower head


Enjoy the happiness of showering

Why do you shower? The most obvious answer is cleanliness, but did you know showers can help increase your energy and boost your mood? That’s why we have created a new showerhead BOSSTR.

  • Release muscle pain/ Relieve soreness
  • Promote blood circulation to the scalp and the skin
  • Decreased Anxiety/Increased Energy
  • Confidence Boost
  • Keep aging skin at bay by using a massaging showerhead

The Booster Massaging Showerhead is the newest trend in personal care and therapy.

Release muscle pain / Relieve soreness

There may be more to love about our BOSSTR Massaging Showerhead than just the "ahhhhh." A new study shows that water massaging after hard exercise decreases inflammation and helps your muscles recover.

Switching to a Booster massaging showerhead may change your life!

The revolutionary micro nozzle technology increases the speed of the water flow, increases the water pressure, and the thumb tab allows for a smooth transition between sprays.

    Promote blood circulation to the scalp and the skin

    Blood flow is the number one thing in hair growth, Blood circulation ensures that your scalp derives all the essential nutrients and oxygen to be healthy. Subcutaneous blood flow helps in the anagen phase of the hair, making them grow longer. Increased blood flow is also linked to decreased hair loss. 

    Booster Shower head

    Decreased Anxiety / Increased Energy

    For some, a spa day may be the perfect form of self-care when experiencing stress anxiety, or depression. For others, self-care may mean a trip to the shower. In fact, the BOSSTR Massage Showerhead has been linked to improved mental health.

    Ultra-comfortable experience

    With 3 modes: Rainfall/ Massage/ Jetting spray way, each mode is a special shower experience for you.

    booster shower head use


    BOSSTR Showerhead has a special micro nozzle structure that saves water by as much as 30% without sacrificing water pressure.

    Universal fitting

    Easy installation, simply Punch-Free Paste.

    Make your showering memorable

    • Take a deep breath and relax as the water pours down over you, then you can actually feel the Water Pressure Boosting. Great strength water pauses impact to relieve muscle pain.

    • PowerPulse therapeutic-strength massage spray that delivers up to 2X the massage force.

    • Easy disassembly, fast cleaning


    • The BOSSTR shower head is lightweight, tough, and durable.
    • Practical and Elegant.
    • One-key water stop function to make it more convenient for you to use.
    • 3 Stop water outlet modes allow you to better enjoy the happiness of showering.
    • You can adjust the suitable model according to your shower requirements.


    • CertificationCE
    • Material: ABS+304 Stainless Steel
    • Installation Type: Hand Hold
    • Style: Single Head
    • Shower shape: Round
    • Type: Fixed Support Type
    • Surface Finishing: Chrome

    Colorful sets

    Pick the color of your energy

    BOSSTR Showerhead is committed to bringing users the ultimate shower experience, For whatever reason, If you have any questions or problems, just contact us, We will give you a satisfactory solution.


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