BRS Mini Portable Outdoor Gas Stove Camping Titanium Survival Furnace Stove Pocket Picnic Cooking Gas Burner 3000T

$49.99 $69.99

Fuel Efficient

The BRS Mini Gas Stove is small and fuel-efficient! This new stove is a perfect size for any camp site, and it uses only a fraction of the amount of fuel as a standard stove. It's a great choice for cooking outdoors!

Reduce your carbon footprint

Why waste energy when you can save it? The BRS Mini Gas Stove will help you reduce the amount of gas you use by up to 30%! By using less gas, you're also reducing your natural carbon footprint. With this mini stove, cooking is a breeze!

Lightweight and affordable

You can't find a lighter, more affordable mini gas stove. If you are always on the go and hate taking up space, choose the BRS Mini Gas Stove. This stove is perfect for any person looking to cook anywhere!

Camping doesn't have to be cold

Warm up with the BRS Mini Gas Stove! Whether you're camping or just making a fire in your backyard, this portable stove is perfect for giving you warmth. With the power of a full-sized stove, but in a compact size, this stove is sure to keep your food warm and tasty.


  • Type: Burner
  • Piece Number Of Wind Deflector: No windshield
  • Material: Titanium Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 25g
  • Open size: 85x68.5 mm | 33.5x27 in
  • Folding size: 37x52 mm | 14.6x20.5 in
  • Material: 60% Titanium Alloy,10% Copper,20% Stainless Steel
  • Fuel: Butane Gas
  • Power: 2700W
  • Gas consumption: 140g/h
  • Igniter: No
  • Purpose: Outdoor Cooking, Camping Cooking, Other outdoor activities

Package Includes

  • (1) x BRS Mini Portable Outdoor Gas Stove

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